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Getting Started with Codefresh Labs

1 min read

Using Codefresh Labs, you can take any GitHub repo and with one-click create a Docker-based workspace in the cloud to edit and test the code.

For example, we have a simple demo repo on GitHub. Copy the HTTPS clone URL ( and enter it into on the Codefresh Labs page.


Now click the Try button.

Codefresh only needs a second or two to assign a Docker container and clone your repo into a new personal workspace in the cloud.


You can now click the Go button or save the link to your workspace to open it up later.

For now, go ahead and click Go.

Codefresh will open a new browser tab or window for the new workspace.

You can view the project file structure in the left pane. In the following screenshot, the project folder is selected and you can view project information in the right editor pane.

In the bottom pane, you have access to a terminal. You can see that Codefresh ran npm install to download the package’s dependencies.


You can now launch the app. Click the Deploy icon, then click the Open URL icon to open another browser tab to see the page that the app rendered.

Congratulations! You have successfully created and launched a Docker-based environment for editing and testing code using Codefresh Labs.

Please follow us on Twitter to get the latest as we update our features!

Raziel Tabib

Raziel Tabib

Co-Founder and CEO, Codefresh

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