GitOps Enterprise

What is GitOps?

GitOps is a set of best-practices where the entire code delivery process is controlled via Git, including infrastructure and application definition as code and automation to complete updates and rollbacks.

Key GitOps Principles

Infrastructure as Code

Code changes always go through automated process

Deployments, tests, and rollbacks controlled through git flow.

Integration with secrets providers

No hand rolled deployments!

Codefresh Argo

GitOps with Codefresh

Codefresh is a DevOps automation platform designed to support GitOps with support for Kubernetes, Terraform, and advanced deployment methodologies such as Canary and Blue Green. Codefresh has a number of key advantages for supporting GitOps vs other solutions including:

Git Agnostic
Excellent mono-repo support
Shared pipelines (define once, use for hundreds of repos)
Secrets integrations
Deployment environment integrations with every cloud and on prem environment, especially with Kubernetes
Codefresh Argo

The role of visibility in GitOps and confident deployments

With all this automation going on it’s critical to have visibility dashboards to show what changes are deployed, who worked on them, and the status of the environments. The Codefresh environments view brings all these components together to make troubleshooting easier than ever. No more going to chat or paging release engineers to figure out what’s been deployed and what’s in production. Using the environment dashboard you can define Kubernetes applications, track pipelines, view code changes, and even jump straight back to commits.

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