DevSecOps – Deploy Secure Cloud Native Apps FAST


Modern enterprises are constantly evolving their development practices by automating manual processes to deliver applications to market more quickly. This new “DevOps” model of application development enables organizations to more effectively serve their customers by bringing products to market faster. When it comes to security, however, this method comes with an added layer of complexity.

In order to securely manage the velocity and scale of agile software delivery, DevOps teams must adopt a “security-first” mentality. This is done by shifting security considerations to the left and building security into their development pipeline.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how you can:

  • Build software quickly, using custom job orchestration
  • See all of your builds, including failed builds and slow tests
  • Identify vulnerabilities and malware in your images as you build your application
Dan Garfield
Dan Garfield
Chief Technology Evangelist, Codefresh
Raj Seshadri
Container Security Solutions Architect, Aqua