Amazon EKS Integration

Build, test, configure, and deploy your first container to K8s in minutes.

120 builds/mo free. Unlimited deployments.

Get Started

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Create EKS Cluster

From Amazon console, follow the instructions to create a cluster.

Add Cluster to Codefresh

Once a cluster is added, it will show up in the Kubernetes dashboard and be available as a deployment target.

Add service

Add services and deploy containers from the Kubernetes dashboard.

Deploy and Automate

Add deploy steps to pipelines, manage config maps/secrets, etc.

Flip The Switch, Go Advanced

Codefresh has smart defaults to get you up and running. When you’re ready, add your own deployment and service yml.

Advanced Simple

Words from satisfied users.

We felt like we found someone who really understands docker.
Judd Flamm Family Search
Our test cycle went from three days to three hours.
Damon Zirkler Steelcase
In Codefresh, to be able to look at a pull-request, and spin up an environment is super valuable.
Sumit Chachra Tivix