GigaOm Radar for GitOps v1.0

Codefresh is excited to be named a Leader in the GigaOm Radar report for GitOps. Recognized as a Fast Mover, we were given the highest possible rating for our:
  • Developer experience
  • Ease of implementation
  • Reconciliation implementation
  • Hybrid model
GigaOm also highlighted our strong advocacy for GitOps and support of the Argo and CNCF OpenGitOps communities. Read the full report to find out how we stack up against other GitOps solutions in this detailed vendor comparison.
GitOps Radar Report

About Codefresh

Codefresh is a modern Kubernetes and GitOps solution powered by Argo, bringing the best open-source tools to a reliable enterprise-grade continuous delivery toolchain. Codefresh provides a secure and thoroughly validated runtime allowing you to fully tap the power of Argo Workflows, Events, CD, and Rollouts. The best practices of GitOps are built into Codefresh while still giving teams the flexibility to integrate with their current CI solutions.

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