Custom YAML steps


We created a growing collection of ready to use, out of the box YAML steps. which can be used to create advanced pipelines customized for your needs.

Codefresh customYAML steps catalogue

Visit our public repo and stay updated with the newest steps added by our team and users. Click here to access and contribute to our catalog.

Custom Steps which were added recently

  • Deploy helm chart - deploy a Helm chart into specified (by context) Kubernetes cluster
  • Deploy Kompose - Deploy Docker Compose to Kubernetes cluster with Kubernetes Kompose
  • Deploy to ECS - Deploy docker image to ECS
  • Send slack message - send a message to a slack channel from your pipeline
  • Github PR - Create pull request to GitHub
  • Create a docker daemon - create docker daemon and then use run on it any of docker build|run|… or docker-compose on your repository

And more…