Can’t find your organization repositories

Issues with adding Git triggers

Problem: I want to add a git trigger for a repository that belongs to one of my GitHub organizations but can’t find it in the repository list.

Repository not found

Repository not found

1. Navigate to your GitHub user settings page

  1. Log in to GitHub using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to your Settings page.


GitHub user menu (click image to enlarge)

2. Navigate to your Authorized applications

In your Personal settings view, click Authorized applications.


Personal settings (click image to enlarge)

3. Select the Codefresh application

Locate and click the Codefresh authorized application.


Authorized applications (click image to enlarge)

4. Grant Codefresh access to your organization

In the Organization access section find your organization.

I am Not an Organization Administrator

If you do not have Admin privileges for your organization, click Request access, to request the necessary privileges from your administrator.


Request access (click image to enlarge)


Access requested (click image to enlarge)

I’m an Organization Administrator

If you are an organization administrator, click Grant access. You can always have the option to revoke access.


Grant access (click image to enlarge)


Access granted (click image to enlarge)