Access and debug the pipeline volume image

Each of our pipelines uses a dedicated volume image. This volume allows us to speed up the build process. If the need arises you can access that volume to help you debug your build process.

Where can I see the volumes?

Navigate to the Images view, and switch the toggle


Accessing a volume image

There are a few ways to access the volume image.


After you promote an image, you can pull it locally and debug it with your own tools.

Simply press the Promote icon from the Images view


Using a composition.

  1. Copy your volume image name


steps 2-4 can be ignored if you already have a terminal composition.

  1. Create a new composition from the Compositions view


  1. Select to create a composition from a template


  1. Choose the Terminal template


  1. Add environment variables

The terminal composition needs some environment variables in order to expose the volume files.

  • IMAGE_NAME - The name from step 1.
  • IMAGE_TAG - all volumes have “volume” tag, and you can use it.
  • FOLDER - the path to the volume files. (will always be: /cf-volume).

Optional (but recommended):

  • USERNAME - user for terminal (default is “user”).
  • PASSWORD - password for terminal (default is “pass”).

env var.png


You can use the “Terminal” composition for any image you wish, not just a volume image.

  1. Launch your composition and open the app.



And now you can start exploring your image.