Continuous Delivery - GKE, Docker SWARM, Amazon ECS

Using Codefresh’s Deploy Images you can easily deploy to

To add deploy step

  1. Go to the Pipelines of the forked repository.
  1. Configure the path to Dockerfile and build context.
  1. Scroll to the Deploy Script

Use command below to deploy compose application to kubernetes. Make sure you change the path of ‘deployment.yml’ to the path in your repository.

deploy command

/cf-deploy-kubernetes deployment.yml


Deploy to K8
  1. Provide the required Environment Variables:
    • KUBERNETES_USER - The user for the Kubernetes cluster.
    • KUBERNETES_PASSWORD - The password for the Kubernetes cluster.
    • KUBERNETES_SERVER - The server (HTTPS endpoint) of the Kubernetes cluster’s API


Environment Variables

Read more about how to obtain the kubernetes credentials and using the codefresh deploy here:

  1. Click Save and Build

What’s next?