Helm 3 support (Beta)

How to use Kubernetes clusters without Tiller

Codefresh is now adding Beta support for Helm 3 clusters. One of the major new features of Helm 3 is the client only architecture. The server component of Helm (called Tiller) is no longer present in Helm 3.

We will add several features for Helm 3 in Codefresh, but during the beta our goal is to be able to work with Helm 3 clusters, the same way as Helm 2 clusters in the Codefresh UI. You can also have a mix of Helm 2 and Helm 3 clusters in the same Codefresh account.

Marking your Kubernetes cluster with Helm 3 support

To work with a Helm cluster, add your cluster in Codefresh first. Then find the Helm toggle button in the integration settings and click it to enable Helm 3 for that cluster.

Helm 3 cluster settings

Helm 3 cluster settings

Helm 3 support is being gradually enabled in all customer accounts. If your account is not enabled yet, please talk us in intercom.

You can keep other clusters with Helm 2 without any extra changes.

Working with Helm 3 Kubernetes clusters

Once a cluster is connected to Codefresh it will look and act the same way regardless of Helm version. All Helm screens should work with Helm 3 as normal including:

If you find an issue during this Beta please contact us via intercom or open an issue from the top-level profile menu.