GitOps CLI - Upgrading CLI Fails with Permission Denied


When you are upgrading the CLI and getting a permission denied error.

$ cf upgrade
INFO Downloading CLI version: v0.1.22...
INFO Extracting...
INFO Copying...
FATAL failed to copy new binary from '/tmp/cf-v0.1.22-3967077151/cf-linux-amd64' to '/usr/local/bin/cf': rename /tmp/cf v0.1.22-3967077151/cf-linux-amd64 /usr/local/bin/cf: permission denied


The first option is to try running the cf upgrade command with sudo privileges.

sudo cf upgrade

The other option is to move the files yourself with sudo privileges.

sudo mv / tmp/cf-v0.1.22-3967077151/cf-linux-amd64   /usr/local/bin/cf