Volume provisioning issues after Kubernetes upgrade to 1.23. Amazon EBS CSI driver.

Use case

After upgrading or creating a cluster with k8s version 1.23, the EBS volumes can’t be attached and Codefresh builds stay in pending status. There may be the following errors in pod logs:

Warning  FailedMount 112s   kubelet  Unable to attach or mount volumes:
unmounted volumes=[dind], unattached volumes=[dind-config dind codefresh-certs-server]:
timed out waiting for the condition


With k8s versions 1.23 and higher the Amazon EBS CSI driver is required for the EBS volumes management from EKS clusters, more information from AWS documentation: Amazon EBS CSI driver

The Amazon EBS CSI driver isn’t installed when you first create or update the cluster. To use the driver, you must add it as an Amazon EKS add-on or as a self-managed add-on.

Failure to perform actions on your selected Kubernetes context