Builds are not starting on Hybrid/Venona/Runner


A build is not starting on a hybrid installation.

  1. No errors are being produced, instead hangs.
  2. Builds do not start, stuck on pending.
  3. The system otherwise appears functional


Codefresh is not able to start the pods in your cluster.

  1. Run the following on your cluster with the Codefresh namespace: kubectl describe nodes
  2. If no errors appear there, run the following:
kubectl -n codefresh-runtime describe pod dind-<build_id>
kubectl -n codefresh-runtime describe pod engine-<build_id>
kubectl -n codefresh-runtime get pod dind-<build_id> -o yaml
kubectl -n codefresh-runtime get pod engine-<build_id> -o yaml

Please include the above information and open a ticket with our Support team.