Attempting to clone from a repo but access is denied


Access is denied when using a clone step


Insufficient access in the Git integration, or incorrect Git integration used.:

  • Ensure that the account used in Integrations has the appropriate access.
  • Ensure that in your clone step, you are using the right name for the git provider.
  • If the account used to set up integration is no longer active, you will need to remove the current integration and replace it.
  1. Go to your Account Settings -> Integrations -> Git.
    • If you do not have access, please contact one of your team’s admins
  2. Update the previous integration with a new token, or delete the previous integration
  3. Create a new integration

Note: When deleting a git integration, you may get an error saying the integration cannot be deleted while other objects are using it. This means an existing pipeline is referencing the integration. Please refer to How-to: Update Trigger Git Context on how to find and modify these existing references.