Push Image to an AWS EC2 Container Registry

Make sure the registry has been configured

See how to configure ECR registry in account management

Setup the registry for the pipeline

In this example, we use the repository react starter kit.

In the Pipelines view, you can configure to which registry the build image will be pushed to.

  1. Select your repository

select repo.png

  1. Select the registry to where the build image will be pushed

Make sure the repository exist in ECR


  1. Save and build the pipeline

The image will be pushed to your registry. You can see the build log to for details.

Push image manually to ECR

The Images view has an option to manually push images to a registry.

  1. Click on the Promote button


  1. On the promotion dialog set
    • Repository Name - name of your repository as it set in ECR


  • Tag - select a tag (the tag will appear after the : e.g. repository-name:tag)
  • Registry - your ECR configuration


  1. Click the Promote button

It is possible to change the images name, make sure that the new name exist as a repository in ECR