Create a Codefresh Account

Welcome to Codefresh!

Before you can start building and deploying your applications you need to create a Codefresh account.

Creating an account is free (no credit card is required) and can be done in 3 simple steps.

Codefresh account creation steps

1. Select your Identity Provider

First, navigate to the Codefresh Sign Up page.
Codefresh currently supports GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab as a Git provider. If you are using another Git provider please contact us to discuss alternative options. You can also select Azure or Google as an identity provider.

Codefresh sign-up page

Sign-up page (click image to enlarge)

The login method is not really important when it comes to git repositories as regardless of your sign-up process you can add git repositories from any of your GIT accounts in GIT integrations.

Don’t worry if by mistake you use multiple sign-up methods. As long as your email address is the same, Codefresh will automatically forward you to your account dashboard.

2. Accept the Permissions Request

After you select the Identity provider, Codefresh requests permission to access your basic details (and for GIT providers to access your Git repositories).

Don’t worry, Codefresh will not do anything without your explicit approval, so don’t be scared by the permissions shown in the request window. The permissions requested by Codefresh are needed in order to build and deploy your projects.

This is the GitHub permissions window. Click the button labeled Authorize codefresh-io to continue.

GitHub authorization page

GitHub authorization page (click image to enlarge)

If you use Bitbucket the following permissions window will appear instead. Click the button labeled Grant access to continue.

Bitbucket authorization page

Bitbucket authorization page (click image to enlarge)

Finally if you use GitLab you will see the permissions window shown below. Click the button labeled Authorize to continue.

GitLab authorization page

GitLab authorization page (click image to enlarge)

Once you accept the respective permissions window, Codefresh will automatically connect to your Git provider and fetch your basic account details (such as your email).

3. Verify Your Account Details

Once Codefresh reads your details from your Identity provider it will present to you the account details for your new account. Review your account details, make the relevant changes, and click NEXT.

Codefresh account details

Codefresh account details (click image to enlarge)

Name your account, and click NEXT.

Codefresh account name

Codefresh account name (click image to enlarge)

Finally, answer the questions to personalize your account and click FINISH.

Codefresh personalize account

Codefresh personalize account (click image to enlarge)

Congratulations! Your new Codefresh account is now ready.

Codefresh dashboard

Codefresh dashboard (click image to enlarge)

The next step is learning how to build your first application.

Other Git connection options

Codefresh also supports Atlassian Stash/Bitbucket Server. You need to contact us to enable this integration before you can use it for your account.

Codefresh and Atlassian Stash

Codefresh and Atlassian Stash

Once that is done, follow the Stash instructions for more information.

Using Codefresh in a secure corporate environment

If your source code repositories are in a private Git account that lies behind your company firewall, or simply has no access to the Internet, we can still help you!

Git behind firewall

Git behind firewall

We can establish a VPN / tunnel to your network or discuss options for an on-premises Codefresh deployment. Please contact us to get started.