Codefresh Installation Options

How to run Codefresh in the Enterprise

Codefresh offers 3 installation options that can cater to any size of organization. These are:

  • SAAS version that runs in the cloud and is 100% managed by Codefresh
  • On-premise version where Codefresh runs inside the customer datacenter/cloud
  • Hybrid version where the UI runs in the Codefresh cloud but builds are running on customer premises

SAAS version

The SAAS version is the easiest way to start using Codefresh as it is fully managed. All maintenance and updates are executed by the Codefresh DevOps team.

You can also create a free account on the SAAS version right away. The account is forever free with some limitations on number of builds.

The SAAS versions runs on multiple clouds:


Codefresh SAAS is also compliant with SOC2 - Type2 showing our commitment to security and availability.


The SAAS version has multi-account support with most git providers (Gitlab, Github, Bitbucket) as well as Azure and Google.

Hybrid installation

For organizations that don’t want their source code to leave their premises, or have other security constraints, Codefresh offers the hybrid installation.

The User Interface still runs on Codefresh infrastructure, while the actual builds happen in the location of the customer (Codefresh builders run on a Kubernetes cluster).


The hybrid installation strikes the perfect balance between security, flexibility and ease of use. Codefresh still does the heavy lifting for maintaining most of the platform parts. The sensitive data (such as source code and internal services) never leave the premises of the customers.

With the hybrid installation mode, Codefresh can easily connect to internal secure service that have no public presence. The UI part is still compliant with Soc2.


On-premise Installation

For customers that wish to have full control over everything, Codefresh also offers an on-premise option. In this case everything (UI and builds) are running on an environment (Kubernetes cluster) fully managed by the customer.

While Codefresh can still help with maintenance of the whole platform, the hybrid solution is most times better suited for the flexibility it offers.

Comparison table

Feature Cloud Hybrid On Premise
Managed by Codefresh Codefresh and Customer Customer
UI runs on public cloud public cloud private cluster
Builds run public cloud private cluster private cluster
Access to secure services no yes yes
Customer maintenance effort none some full
Best for most companies companies with security constraints Large scale installations

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