Push an image

Using the Codefresh UI to push Docker images to a Registry

In Codefresh the build images will be automatically pushed to Codefresh registry and there’s no need to specify the Codefresh Docker Registry for the block Push to Docker Registry in the pipeline of repository.

With Codefresh, you can automatically push your build images to your Docker registry.

You select this option when you configure your service.

What’s a Docker registry?

To learn about Docker registries please refer to the Docker Documentation Center

1. Access Your Pipeline

  1. Navigate to the Repositories view and find your repository
  1. Click the Gear icon to navigate to the Pipelines view

2. Name Your Image

  1. Navigate to the Build and Unit Test section
  1. In the Image Name text box, type a name for your image.


The name you provide must be valid by your Docker registry.

3. Select Your Registry

  1. Scroll to the Push to Docker registry section
  1. Select your configured registry

Registry Configuration

Make sure you already have a configured registry. If not refer to the Docker registry integration documentation

4. Trigger a New Build

To trigger a new build, click the BUILD button.

Trigger new Build

Once your image is built, it will automatically be pushed to your registry.