External Docker Registries

Codefresh enables you to integrate with several Docker container registries, including:

For a different registry choose to configure using the Other option.

The registries can either be public or private.

General configuration

To configure your registries go to your Account Configuration, by clicking on Account Settings on the left sidebar. On the first section called Integrations click the Configure button next to Docker Registry.

Codefresh Account Integration

Add a new registry configuration from the drop down.

Add Docker Registry

Each configuration must be given a unique name, which you can later reference in a codefresh.yml file.

Specify Docker Registry Name

Pushing an image

Once your registry configuration is all set up you can start pushing your images to it.

In a push step you can place your registry configuration name in the registry field


  type: push
  description: Free text description
  candidate: ${{build_step}}
  tag: ${{CF_BRANCH}}
  registry: <your-registry-configuration-name>

For more details see the image pushing page.

The default registry

If you define more than one registries you can also click the default button in the UI to define the registry that will be used in both build and push steps if they don’t already contain a registry property.

Notice that successful build steps will always push to the default Codefresh registry unless you also define the disable_push property.