Build badges


Badges are simple images that show you the last build status. They support both the pipeline and branch service status. The badges can be embedded into your repository’s file.

To start using badges, simply embed:*param1*=xxx&*param2*=yyy
when param1, param2, etc… are the parameters from the table below.

Query parameter Description
branch - optional Name of the branch
If not supplied, default is master
repoName Name of the repository
pipelineName Name of the pipeline
accountName Name of the account
repoOwner The name of the repository owner
key - optional Token related to the account
type - optional Badge types
cf-1: Codefresh build status - also the default badge.
cf-2: Codefresh build status

The goal is to combine two links together into a markdown format. The format looks like:
[![Codefresh build status]( BADGE_LINK )]( URL_TO_PIPELINE )

  1. Go to the Pipelines of your service
  1. Click on the badges icon

Codefresh badges

  1. Select the branch, choose the type

Codefresh badges

  1. Copy badge in one of the formats
    • Markdown
    • Image URL
    • HTML
    • AsciiDoc

Step 2: Add to repository

Copy the markdown badge snippet.
For example:

[![Codefresh build status]( )](;branch:master;service:58920dc51c892f0100682b62~demochat )

Add the snippet to your markdown file

You can see an example of a badge showing the status of the [demochat] application here:

Codefresh build status