Codefresh plug-ins are steps that can be added to the pipelines yamls and can help in easily crafting pipelines that execute common tasks like testing, security scanning, updating jira tickets etc..

Below you can find a list of plugins currently publicly available, we are working with the community to publish more steps so stay tuned.

If you have a specific ask for a plug-in please email us at


Name Description
Helm Build & Deploy a Helm chart
Codefresh Cli Operate on Codefresh resources
Slack Send a custom slack message from the pipeline
Deploy to ECS Deploy a docker image to ECS
Deploy Kompose Deploy Docker Compose to Kubernetes cluster with Kubernetes Kompose
GitHub PR Creates pull request to GitHub
Jenkins Run a Jenkins job from codefresh pipeline
DC/OS Deploy application image to DC/OS cluster
Interact with Jira Interact with Jira from Codefresh pipelines
NPM Release npm modules from a pipeline
Twistlock Security scanning of docker images using Twistlock
Clair Security scanning of Docker images using Clair
Import Docker Images Import Docker images metadata into Codefresh