Audit Logs

Get a list of all actions in Codefresh

Codefresh keeps a log of all actions that happen at all times. The log is actually based on API calls that reach Codefresh, so it includes

The time period offered by audit logs depends on the pricing tier of your Codefresh account.

Viewing Audit logs

To access the Audit logs click on Account settings on the left sidebar and then select Audit under User Management

Audit Logs view

Audit Logs view

This screen contains a reverse chronological list of all Codefresh events that happened on your account. For each event, the following are recorded:

  • Entity ID/Name - which entity was affected.
  • Entity type - types of entities are build, pipeline, project, etc.
  • Action - what happened to that entity.
  • Status - what use the result of the API call.
  • User - name of user that performed the action.
  • Last Request - time of the event.

There is also a separate tab for all the triggers/webhooks that were processed by Codefresh.

Audit Triggers view

Audit Triggers view

Both lists have built-in paging and filtering.

Filtering Audit events

You can filter the list of events by using the filter menu on the top left.

Filtering audit actions

Filtering audit actions

This allows you to focus on a specific entity or user.

Getting more details for each audit event

You can get the exact API payload as it was sent to Codefresh by clicking on the book icon on the right of each event row.

Audit Call details

Audit Call details

This dialog provides you with the URL and other call parameters that were used for that particular event.

Exporting the audit logs

It is also possible to export all log events, by clicking on the Download Audit button on the top right. This will download a CSV file that you can further process with your own tools or view in a different application (such as Microsoft Excel).

The Audit Log export also includes all the API call information (payload and parameters) that are shown in the Audit GUI screen.