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Super-Fast Builds for Docker Images

Codefresh builds Docker images on every change in a branch or pull request. It can then store the image in a Docker registry of your choice or in the Codefresh built-in registry. Codefresh can monitor your git repository or be triggered from any  CI service.

fast build docker images
continuous unit integration ui testing

Continuous Unit, Integration and UI Testing

Codefresh runs unit tests with each Docker build, either on a stand-alone image or as part of a composition (you can configure Docker compositions in Codefresh). Then, Codefresh will run your integration, UI, and other tests on the running Docker image or composition. At the end of the process, Codefresh will store the test results as part of the image’s metadata.

continuous unit integration ui testing

Early Feature Previews

Share new feature implementations with your team by allowing them to instantly run your Docker image directly from Codefresh. The team can then review and comment on the new feature before changes are pushed to staging or before creating a pull request.

docker early preview feature
auto deploy to cloud

Effortless Deployment to Any Cloud

Once images or whole compositions are ready to be deployed to staging or production, Codefresh can auto-deploy at the end of every build process, or you can manually deploy with one click.

auto deploy to cloud

Codefresh works seamlessly with:

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