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My First DockerCon (Part 2/3)

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When we last left off with Chloe, she had just finished Day 1 of DockerCon… you can read about it here.


Day Two- Tuesday 🐳

Day two started out with a bang (thanks to coffee ☕️🙌)! I woke up early to do my own DockerCon nails; you could say I was a little excited! My first Moby Mingle of the day was with Jonas Rosland (Developer Advocate, Community Manager at EMC {code}). He gave me a lot of solid advice on how to create content and gave me some great ideas on how to share my knowledge as I learn Docker from the beginning. It was really interesting to hear about how he got involved with Docker and I look forward to Googling some of his previous talks!

Then, it was time for the keynote/general session. At first, I thought I had walked by the wrong area; it was as though I had wandered into a video game themed rave! There were giant screens with 8-bit whales and squirrels, complete with vintage video game music and hilarious developer-related video game jokes peppered in. As someone who loves retro games, I was a little obsessed.

It was particularly inspiring to hear Solomon Hykes talk about the future of Docker, and all of the exciting things to look forward to. My favorite quote from him was the following:

The best tools should:

1. Get out of the way
2. Adapt to you
3. Make the powerful simple

I couldn’t agree more.

 As someone who is passionate about diversity, I was really excited to see Kate Hirschfeld’s talk: Diversity in the Face of Adversity . Aside from being an all-around awesome human being, she’s a first-year high school student. Yup- you read that correctly. Kate delivered her talk better than most presenters I’ve seen in tech who have been doing this for over 20 years (she’s a serious pro for a 13 year old), and gave an honest and brave talk about how she became a diversity advocate after her middle school presentation about inclusion and gender was banned. My favorite quote from her talk was re:changing the pipeline of diverse candidates coming into the industry:

“You have 7ish years to get your shit together- and you’ll have to answer to me” -Kate Hirschfeld

Next up was a talk from Finnian Anderson, a 16 year old UK-based web developer & Raspberry Pi hacker. Again, you read that correctly; these kids are giving me some serious Docker goals. His talk “Why I Wish I’d Heard of Docker When I was 12” was great and shared his experience helping Captain Alex Ellis run the sell-out Hands-On Docker for Raspberry Pi workshop. I have a lot of catching up to do with these teens, you guys…

Then, I ran into Jérôme Petazzoni (Docker Tinkerer Extraordinaire)! We had been tweeting each other in the days leading up to DockerCon, so it was great to meet in person. It’s been so inspiring to meet so many people at DockerCon like Jérôme who are so passionate about Docker! Did I mention everyone at DockerCon is super nice and awesome? Because they totally are. 🐳❤️

Then, while taking a quick break in the Moby Mingle area, I ran into Thomas Shaw (Build Engineer at Demonware, and Docker Captain) who lives in Dublin. We had a quick chat about how to get more involved in the world of Docker, and gave me some fantastic ideas/inspiration for content to make. It was extremely helpful, and I can’t wait to get started!

Before I knew it, it was lunch time- DockerCon had all kinds of yummy food to choose from (thanks Docker!). I scheduled some time to meet with Scott Coulton (Senior Software Engineer at Puppet and Docker Captain) who is based in Sydney. It was so inspiring to meet so many Docker Captains from around the world. Scott and I talked about our shared love for public speaking, and told me about all of the conferences and meet-ups he has spoken at. He has extensive experience in architecture, so it was very cool to hear about his passion for Docker.

As I was heading back to the hotel to drop-off my laptop, I randomly ran into Alex Ellis outside the convention center. We chatted about even more ways to get involved with the Docker Community, and provided me with some fantastic resources on where to get started. Thanks Alex!

Of course, an overview of DockerCon would not be complete without mentioning the DockerCon Party! All of Rainey Street served as the venue for the occasion. They had everything from oversized beer pong, karaoke, live music, and even live animals! It was an awesome way to celebrate the conference, and wind down after a long day of talks, networking, and booth working.

🚢 Total Docker Captain Count on Day 2: 8 (+ bonus Jérôme points!)🚢

Check out my next blog on Day 3!



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