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Feature: Default Entry for Composition

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You can now define the Main Application Service, or “starting point”, for your microservices application, which tells Codefresh which service endpoint it should open and expose when you open an app or share your running environment.

Codefresh allows you to build, test, deploy and collaborate on multi-container/multi-service applications by spinning up Docker compositions. You and your team can define and run your services in a production-like environment, because Codefresh compositions include all of the same components your live deployment environment does.

When a Codefresh composition is launched in an environment, all of its services with exposed ports become accessible over the network as  service endpoint (public or private, depending on the Docker host used), but until now there wasn’t an easy way to define the main entry point (or first service) of the composition.

As this couldn’t easily be configured using Docker Compose, we added a field in the Compositions Settings to allow you to set the Main Application Service, or “starting point.” By configuring the main service of the application, you can tell Codefresh which service endpoint/url it should open when the “Open App” button in the environment is clicked or which url to include when you share your running environment over slack. Click here to learn more about Compositions.

To set the entry for your composition, click on the Composition Settings, select the service you want from the Main Application Service drop-down and click Save.



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Raziel Tabib

Raziel Tabib

Co-Founder and CEO, Codefresh

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