Installation environments

Codefresh supports two installation environments:

  • Hosted environments (Beta), with Argo CD installed in the Codefresh cluster. The runtime is installed and provisioned in a Codefresh cluster, and managed by Codefresh.
    Hosted enviroments are full-cloud environments, where all updates and improvements are managed by Codefresh, with zero-maintenance overhead for you as the customer. Currently, you can add one hosted runtime per account. For the architecture illustration, see Hosted runtime architecture.

Hosted runtime setup

Hosted runtime setup

For more information on how to set up the hosted environment, including provisioning hosted runtimes, see Set up a hosted (Hosted GitOps) environment.

  • Hybrid environments, with Argo CD installed in the customer’s cluster.
    The runtime is installed in the customer’s cluster, and managed by the customer.
    Hybrid environments are optimal for organizations that want to manage CI/CD operations within their premises, or have other security constraints. Hybrid installations strike the perfect balance between security, flexibility, and ease of use. Codefresh maintains and manages most aspects of the platform, apart from installing and upgrading runtimes which are managed by the customer.

Runtime List View

Runtime List View

For more information on hybrid environments, see Hybrid runtime requirements and Installling hybrid runtimes.

Git provider repos

Codefresh Runtime creates three repositories in your organization’s Git provider account:

  • Codefresh runtime installation repository
  • Codefresh Git Sources
  • Codefresh shared configuration repository

Hosted vs.Hybrid environments

The table below highlights the main differences between hosted and hybrid environments.

Functionality Feature Hosted Hybrid
Runtime Installation Provisioned by Codefresh Provisioned by customer
  Runtime cluster Managed by Codefresh Managed by customer
  Number per account One runtime Multiple runtimes
  External cluster Managed by customer Managed by customer
  Upgrade Managed by Codefresh Managed by customer
  Uninstall Managed by customer Managed by customer
Argo CD   Codefresh cluster Customer cluster
CI Ops Delivery Pipelines Not supported Supported
  Workflows Not supported Supported
  Workflow Templates Not supported Supported
CD Ops Applications Supported Supported
  Image enrichment Supported Supported
  Rollouts Supported Supported
Integrations   Supported Supported
Dashboards Home Analytics Hosted runtime and deployments Runtimes, deployments, Delivery Pipelines
  DORA metrics Supported Supported
  Applications Supported Supported

Add Git Sources to runtimes
Shared configuration repository