Introducing Codefresh

Codefresh is a full-featured, turn-key solution for application deployments and releases. Powered by the Argo Project, Codefresh uses Argo CD, Argo Workflows, Argo Events, and Argo Rollouts, extended with unique functionality and features essential for enterprise deployments.

Codefresh offers security, maintainability, traceability, and most importantly, a single control plane for all stakeholders, be they developers, operators, product owners or project managers.

With Codefresh teams can:

  • Deliver software at scale by managing hundreds or thousands of deployment targets and applications
  • Get a secure, enterprise-ready distribution of Argo with built-in identity, RBAC (role-based access control), and secrets
  • Gain clear visibility across all deployments and trace changes and regressions from code to cloud in seconds
  • Get enterprise-level dedicated support for Argo deployments

Codefresh and open source Argo

Codefresh brings you the power of the Argo project for your Kubernetes deployments:

  • Argo CD for declarative continuous deployment
  • Argo Rollouts for progressive delivery
  • Argo Workflows as the workflow engine
  • Argo Events for event-driven workflow automation framework

Codefresh creates a conformed fork of the Argo project, providing an enterprise-supported version of the same, enhanced with unique functionality. For details, see Codefresh architecture.

Codefresh and GitOps

Codefresh is GitOps-centric, and supports GitOps from the ground up. Codefresh leverages Argo components to have the entire desired state applied from Git to your Kubernetes cluster, and then reported back to Codefresh. And takes the GitOps approach a step further:

  • Every state change operation in Codefresh is made via Git
  • The Codefresh audit log is derived from the Git changelog
  • Codefresh access control is derived from Git permissions

For details, see entity model and access control.

Codefresh user interface

And finally, the Codefresh UI gives you easy access to all the functionality, and visibility at all times to key information:

  • Runtimes management
    View and manage all the runtimes in your deployment in the Runtimes dashboard. Get notified when versions are updated, view the changelog, and then decide if to upgrade. Detect health and sync errors at a glance in the Sync Status column. At any point, drill down into a runtime for detailed information on its components.
  • Applications dashboards for CD tracking
    No matter what the volume and frequency of deployments, our Application dashboards make it super easy to track them. Search for Jira issues, commit messages, committers, and see exactly when and if the change was applied to a specific application.
  • Pipelines for CI/CD
    Pipelines are where all the magic happens in Codefresh. Our pipeline creation wizard removes the complexity from creating, validating, and maintaining pipelines. Every stage has multi-layered views of all the related Git change information for the pipeline.

Quick start tutorials