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Let’s get $100M Serious about Open Source

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We as a company, and I as a human have been enormous beneficiaries of open source. I remember as a kid, my brothers setup a Renegade BBS so other people could call our computer. A few years later I built my first server running on NetBSD. And of course, we all used the internet. Open source has powered so much of my life. I still remember my first accepted open-source contribution, it was an incredibly minor fix for an HTML5 Quake game, but wow was I proud.

As a CI/CD platform, Codefresh follows the same philosophy. We’re built on top of Kubernetes (running on top of open source Linux), we’ve even made some contributions back with Helm, ChartMuseum, and we built an open source library of CI/CD steps.

But even with all of that, it’s still felt like we weren’t fully playing in this ecosystem. I’ve felt that we haven’t given back as much as we’ve benefited from this incredible community. Therefore, we want to take a big step in the right direction. So today, here at Kubecon San Diego, we’re announcing that in 2020 we plan to launch a $100 Million dollar open source fund. The goal is to help Open Source projects improve both their quality and contributions by enabling better DevOps and better CI/CD. We’ll have more details when the program launches in 2020 but the basic idea is to provide grants for open source projects to get access to tools that help them. We’ve been in discussions with a number of high-profile open source projects to make the program a best fit solution that maximizes the benefit to the community.

If that mission sounds exciting, go nominate a project and lets see what we can build together!

Dan Garfield

Dan Garfield

Dan is the Chief Open Source Officer at Codefresh, GitOps Working Group Co-chair, Google Developer Expert, Forbes Technology Council. You can follow him at

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