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#CodefreshLive Event – New features for #ContainerOps

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Thanks everyone for joining our event today and making it a success. As promised, here’s a recording along with a write-up for all the new features with links to documentation.


New Features

  • New pipeline UX
  • Inline YAML editing (docs)
  • Shared pipelines between repositories (docs)
  • Share environmental variables between steps
  • Expose pipeline webhook for external tools, or chaining pipelines (docs)
  • Environments on pull requests
  • Image annotations (docs)
  • Multi-tag support (docs)
  • Kubernetes multi-provider support (docs)
  • Kubernetes cluster connection status
  • Config Maps (docs)


Environments on Pull Requests

Here’s the scenario. You get a pull request. The code looks interesting but you want to actually jump in and see how the application works when it’s running. With this feature, when someone submits a pull request you can not only have Codefresh run all the tests, you can actually spin up a composition, give it a name, and share it with your team automatically through JIRA or Slack.

That way a pull request actually comes with a running environment so you can jump in and play with the changes.

Image Annotations

Image annotations allow you to share information from your pipeline and attach it to an image. For example, in the screenshot above you can see we’ve attached a JIRA ticket, Blazemeter performance report, unit test coverage, etc. Here’s the documentation.

Config Maps

Managing, updating, and reviewing config maps in Kubernetes has been stuck to a command line task until now. If you’re not familiar with config maps, they’re basically environmental variables for a Kubernetes namespace. For example, your config map might tell containers that they’re currently running in a staging environment. Here’s the documentation.

Come see us at Kubecon!

As we mentioned during the presentation we’ve been using Helm Charts internally for a while and we’re planning to announce some rad new features in that area at Kubecon. Not only are we speaking, we’ll also have a booth (#S43).

See you there!

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Dan Garfield

Dan Garfield

Dan is the Chief Open Source Officer at Codefresh, GitOps Working Group Co-chair, Google Developer Expert, Forbes Technology Council. You can follow him at

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