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Announcing Free CI/CD, Free Image Management, and Free Staging Environments!

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Exciting news- Codefresh is massively expanding it’s free tier! Starting July 1st, everyone can use Codefresh for free! Our new free tier includes:

  • Access to public and private repos
  • 120 builds per month
  • 1 concurrent build
  • Unlimited collaborators

Teams using Codefresh build faster and deploy more often, and we want every team using Docker to be able to get the super-charged pipeline they’ve always dreamed of.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free Codefresh account today!

Tweet this announcement by July 1st to get 10 additional free builds for life (limit 1 per account)!

On the date of the original announcement (June 2017), Codefresh offered 200 builds per month and up to 5 concurrent builds. We have since changed the limits in order
to handle the growing needs of our customers. See the pricing page for up-to-date plans.


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