"With Codefresh, the speed is key"

Tivix wanted a CI/CD solution that was Docker first

Tivix is a digital product development firm based out of SF. With 5 offices they have 50% of their team in the US and 50% in Europe. Their customers range from Fortune 500s, large NGOs, to companies such as UNICEF, Bayer, Comcast, Apple and Microsoft (to name only a few). When asked what pushed them to transition to Docker, “The hype cycle. Everyone is doing it. Why not?” replied Sumit Chachra-CEO/CTO of Tivix, “We wanted to get development environments up and running with the same rules, plays, and playbooks. We like how Ansible handles idempotency. Docker has great caching support and replaced Ansible’s provisioning capabilities for us. Docker is faster than setting up Vagrant. Setting up an environment using a VM / Vagrant was painfully slow”

“We were looking for a nice CI/CD solution. Something that was Docker first… In Codefresh, to be able to look at a pull-request, and spin up an environment is super valuable”

Sumit Chachra
CEO/CTO at Tivix

Enter Codefresh!

Tivix was looking for a CI/CD solution that was “Docker first”. After looking at other competitors and being unsatisfied with their Docker integration experience, they found Codefresh and were sold. When asked what they love most about Codefresh, they replied “Compositions are huge, you nailed the way developers think about that”. Additionally, they use Codefresh’s pre-staging environments to share URLs with their clients and have plans to add it as part of their workflow (i.e. every PR gets an environment).

Additionally, they are fans of the speed of Codefresh, saying: “technically speaking speed is the key. Building, caching- it’s insanely fast and we really like it. Comparing with your competition you are blazingly fast. Building, caching- its great.”

“A developer, or business user should be able to validate the features/code before we push it live. That’s where Codefresh’s value comes from”

Michał Kopacki
DevOps Engineer at Tivix

We’ve seen many companies significantly speed up their processes thanks to Codefresh’s Docker-native caching capabilities. Create your free account today, and see how much faster you could be building today!

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