"The caching makes our builds so quick"

How Myant's builds went from 20 minutes to 1 minute

Myant‘s mission is to integrate technology into everyday apparel. With a large expertise in smart textiles, they specialize in creating smart technology in everyday items such as bedsheets, carpeting, jackets, undergarments, etc.

Myant has been built on Docker from day one, eliminating any need to remember tedious steps to get things up and running as they would with a VM.  Being built on Docker from the get-go meant finding a CI that would work nicely with it. Other CIs had some Docker support, but the speed was slow; builds would sometimes take up to 20 minutes to complete each time.


“We use Docker for everything. Staging, testing, and workflow is way easier with Codefresh. Having a CI that works quickly and efficiently with Docker is very important to us”.

Daniel Stone
Director of Software Engineering at Myant

Enter Codefresh!

With it’s Docker-native build caching, Myant’s builds went from 20 minutes to 1 minute. While other CIs start from scratch on each build, Codefresh’s Docker-native capabilities save valuable time for our customers by caching all the layers each build. No more waiting around for your Docker image to load; with Codefresh you can build in minutes.

We’ve seen many companies significantly cut down the time of their builds thanks to Codefresh’s Docker-native caching capabilities. Create your free account today, and see how much faster you could be building today!

“The biggest advantage to using Codefresh is that it’s Docker native, allowing us to have our entire develop – test – stage – deploy cycle be Docker native.  This reduces the complexity of each step, allowing us to build with a smaller team than if we had unique environments for each step in the engineering cycle”

Daniel Stone
Director of Software Engineering at Myant
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