"We needed something fast and we got it"

Eight was in search of a fast Docker-native CI, and they found it

Eight is an innovative Y Combinator company that makes smart mattress covers and mattresses. Not only do Eight’s devices track user’s sleep, they also include features such as bed warming, smart alarms, and have the ability to integrate with smart homes. They have a plethora of micro-services and plenty of APIs. Thousands of smart devices are constantly updating data to their backend, so when it came to looking for a CI/CD tool, they need one that was fast and reliable.

“Everything is Docker oriented here”, says Ron Pantofaro, Engineering Manager. Eight uses Docker for it’s rapid deployment, structured and source controlled layers, and it’s ease of maintaining deployments. They use ECS for deployment, and needed a product that would help them keep things moving along quickly and efficiently.


“The speed was what brought me to Codefresh, we needed something fast and we got it. The two main reasons we love Codefresh: performance and it’s Docker-oriented approach. Also, the level of personalized tech support.”

Ron Pantofaro
Engineering Manager, Eight

Enter Codefresh!

Now that Eight uses Codefresh, their build times are 10x faster. The caching of multiple layers and local caches has been a real game changer for them. Previously, with other CIs, their builds would take 14-20 mins (no matter the changes done in those builds). This made it difficult for them to work, due to the need to deploy something to their staging environment quickly. Now that they are on Codefresh, they pass their unit tests and go to staging in just a couple minutes.

“With other CIs, we would try to debug/make changes/add logging and it would take forever. Codefresh’s speed has helped us work much faster”

Ron Pantofaro
Engineering Manager, Eight

We’ve seen many companies significantly cut down the time of their builds thanks to Codefresh’s Docker-native caching capabilities. Create your free account today, and see how much faster you could be building today!

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