Growth Hacker

Mountain View, CA

About the position
We’re at an inflection point for development best practices and Codefresh has a huge opportunity to gain big market share in 2017. You’ll have a key role in reaching engineers and dev ops professionals primarily through online channels.

2017 Deliverables

  • Become an expert in Codefresh’s approach to development, and software.
  • Become familiar with existing tracking and funnels
  • Take over Adroll, Adwords, and other marketing platforms
  • Build, test, and refine customer profiles
  • Drive top of funnel and user trials to hit cost and volume targets
  • Establish relationships with vendors and balance promotions budgets to acquire customers


  • 2-5 years experience marketing to developers
  • Excellent copywriting skills
  • Deep knowledge of marketing funnels and tracking methods
  • Basic layout skills
  • In-depth knowledge of developers and dev ops pros.

About Codefresh

Modern developers have changed the way code is developed. There are no more monoliths. Instead, code is developed as a collection of microservices, each interdependent. This new way of developing makes iteration much faster and applications more scalable. Containers are solving a lot of the challenges of the new architecture and Codefresh’s container first, docker native platform is built for the new speed of development. With Codefresh, teams can automate their container builds, and test not only at the unit level but run integration testing that happens as part of a composition. Codefresh makes it easy to spin code up into one-off environments to share with team members and iterate before code makes it to staging. That way, your team can focus on writing great code. Build, test, share, deploy.

Codefresh is backed by Carmel Ventures, Hillsven, UpWest Labs, and Streamlined Ventures.