Developer Evangelist

Mountain View, CA; Salt Lake City, UT; Remote

About the position:

Codefresh believes containerization is drastically changing the world of development and as the Developer Evangelist, you’ll work to carry the message and develop thought leadership among developers and dev ops alike. That will mean blogging, books, speaking, traveling and more. You’ll work closely with the Node.js foundation, Docker, Kubernetes, and others to spread good development and deployment strategies. You’ll lead meetups, hackathons, conferences and expert outreach.

2020 Deliverables:

  • Become an expert in Codefresh’s approach to development, and software.
  • Develop content calendar
  • Develop 2020 event roadmap based on company strategy
  • Develop key relationships with industry gatekeepers
  • Demonstrate thought leadership through content and content syndication
  • Create momentum and drive the success of Codefresh’s products through your interactions with the developer community
  • Schedule speaking engagements to demonstrate the scalability, maintainability, and critical nature of Docker, containers, and Kubernetes
  • Bridge the gap between Development, Product, and Marketing
  • Assist in developing key messaging


  • A love for travel
  • 3 years experience in computer science
  • In-depth knowledge of developer communities and meetups
  • Demonstrated expertise in public speaking
  • Demonstrated expertise in creating excellent presentations
  • Demonstrated experience creating thought leadership
  • A deep love for helping and connecting with others
  • First-hand deep experience with Docker, CI/CD, agile methodologies

About Codefresh:

Modern developers have changed the way code is developed. There are no more monoliths. Instead, code is developed as a collection of microservices, each interdependent. This new way of developing makes iteration much faster and applications more scalable. Containers are solving a lot of the challenges of the new architecture and Codefresh’s container first, docker native platform is built for the new speed of development. With Codefresh, teams can automate their container builds, and test not only at the unit level but run integration testing that happens as part of a composition. Codefresh makes it easy to spin code up into one-off environments to share with team members and iterate before code makes it to staging. That way, your team can focus on writing great code. Build, test, share, deploy.

Codefresh is backed by M12: Microsoft’s Venture Fund, Carmel Ventures, Hillsven, UpWest Labs, and Streamlined Ventures.

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