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New Feature: Behind the Firewall

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By  default, we run your builds and Dev / Test environments on Codefresh’s hosted nodes (shared or dedicated). But now you have the option to use your own nodes with Codefresh. That means that Codefresh will orchestrate your builds and  spin up your Dev / Test environments on your own infrastructure behind the firewall.

So organizations with services that can only be tested and run behind their firewall due to security restrictions or dependency on internal services can still benefit from the Codefresh service. Customers like IronSource have seen rapid acceleration in development velocity leveraging Codefresh’s Docker-native CI/CD to spin up, test and deploy containers on their own nodes behind the firewall.

If you want to add your own node to run your builds and dev/test environments, reach out to us at

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Raziel Tabib

Co-Founder and CEO, Codefresh

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