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Hosted Helm Repositories BETA in Codefresh

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The beta is now over and Helm Repositories are available in Codefresh! Read the announcement here.

Today we’re excited to announce a new addition to the Codefresh platform. In addition to our CI/CD pipelines, built-in Docker registry, Kubernetes Dashboard, and on-demand environments, Codefresh will soon be adding hosted Helm repositories.

Open source is incredibly important for Codefresh. We’ve already built on technologies like Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, and many others. As part of our commitment to open source, we’re building these repositories on the already popular open source project, Chart Museum and will be contributing upstream to improve the project for everyone.

Codefresh already supports adding your own Chart repositories, either from your own Chart Museum instance or other providers like Jfrog Artifactory. By adding built-in Chart repositories we’re extending our already deep integrations into Helm and Kubernetes to make life even easier for our users.

Sign up for early access here.

Dan Garfield

Dan is the Co-Founder and Chief Open Source Officer at Codefresh. His work in open source includes being an Argo Maintainer, and co-chair of the GitOps Working Group. As a technology leader with a background in full-stack engineering, evangelism, and communications, he led Codefresh's go-to-market strategy and now leads open source strategy. You can follow him at

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  1. Nick Stone says:

    I like this.. I dig it so far.

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