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Docker-based Pipelines with Codefresh

1 min read

Most people think that Docker adoption means deploying Docker images. In this edition of Codefresh Live, we see the alternative way of adopting Docker in a Continuous Integration Pipeline, by packaging all build tools inside Docker containers. This makes it very easy to use different tool versions on the same build and puts an end to version conflicts in build machines.

Codefresh Developer Advocate Kostis Kapelonis will show you how container-based pipelines allow us to create and use reusable building blocks to make pipeline creation and management MUCH easier. It’s like building with Legos instead of clay!


Kostis shows several live demos throughout the presentation that you can replicate for yourself using the GitHub repos below:

Python/Node application 

Adding Go and AWS CLI

Updating Python to another version (3.7)

Multiple Python/Node versions

Dynamic Docker Images

Codefresh Plugins

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