Containers #101: Docker ONBUILD triggers & Introduction to Docker Compose

Containers #101: Docker ONBUILD triggers & Introduction to Docker Compose

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All, thanks for attending our last Containers #101 online meetup.

Please find below both the slides as well as the full recording of the meetup

In this meetup we have learnt about Docker ONBUILD triggers. How they works and how to use them.

Meetup agenda

We have also demonstrated in this meetup how we can manually run run a mini microservices application and link the containers by passing environment variables using the -e flag in the docker run command.

Here is the meetup recording (you may find additional recording on our vimeo channel @

The code used for the microservice application can be found on github in the following url comments and questions are welcome. you can either add your comments here or send us your comments to [email protected].

you may also join our meetup to attend the next ones live at Containers 101 online meetup

and here are the slides from the meetup

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