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Why I Decided to Join Codefresh to Lead Developer Experience

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If you haven’t already read, I have decided to leave Red Hat after 8 wonderful years and join Codefresh. You can read more about it on my linkedin post. So after being at a place that long, with so many good memories, why did I decide to move? Trying to distill it down, I have to go back a little ways to when there was this new tool called “Docker.”

I remember seeing Docker in action for the first time and immediately thinking, “Wow, this is a game changer.” I was working as a Release Engineer at the time and thought about how containers could make my life easier as they were a great way to package up an application and its dependencies. Around the same time, there was this new buzzword called “PaaS” that was being floated around. With that came the advent of OpenShift, Mesosphere, and CloudFoundy. This is one of those moments where I got the “warm and fuzzies” because there was going to be a major shift happening. Then came Kubernetes to be able to use containers at PaaS scale.

After being in the Kubernetes space, I found another tool that made me think “Wow, this is a game changer” – Argo CD. Working with Kubernetes at scale introduced a lot of challenges as the industry came to adopt it more and more. As I worked with Argo CD more and more, I became familiar with “GitOps” and the world around it. This is where I got the same “warm and fuzzies” that I did before…a major shift is happening in the industry. GitOps is transforming organizations by helping their teams realize the promise of great DevOps, by enabling them to deploy more frequently with fewer regressions. GitOps is just too exciting for me to sit on the sidelines!

So, to me, it is important that the company I work for not only shares the same passion as I do, but it also shares the same vision. I was looking for a place that went “all in” on GitOps and Argo CD. I also wanted a company that was VERY involved in the community and open source. I wanted to work with people who were invested in the success of open source communities. I am passionate about open source and all the advantages that come with it. It is important to me that I am at a place where open source isn’t just something that is viewed as a method of development, but as a strategic advantage. Wherever I ended up, I knew that a cultural fit was crucial. People and culture are very important to me.

Codefresh checked all those boxes for me. Codefresh is “all in” with not only the Argo Project, but they are also one of the founding members of OpenGitOps (a CNCF Sandbox Project). Their commitment to the Argo Project and OpenGitOps aligns with my commitments and passions. Codefresh is not only committed to open source, but they are committed to growing those communities as well. And finally, Codefresh has amazing people and an amazing culture. I have worked with various people from Codefresh in the open source communities, and I have always enjoyed working with them. Everyone from Codefresh that I’ve worked with has been fantastic, and you can tell just by interacting with them how amazing Codefresh is.

So why Codefresh? They simply checked all the boxes for me. All in on GitOps, all in on the Argo Project, committed to open source, and great people and culture. Codefresh has established itself as a leader in these communities, and I am excited to join Codefresh as a member of their FOSS team focusing on Developer Experience and Community Management. Together, Codefresh (with the same passion and love for these communities as I have) and I look forward to helping further build and promote these communities.

Christian Hernandez

Christian is a well rounded technologist with experience in infrastructure engineering, systems administration, enterprise architecture, tech support, advocacy, and management. Passionate about OpenSource and containerizing the world one application at a time. He is currently a maintainer of the OpenGitOps project and a member of the Argo Project Marketing SIG. He focuses on GitOps practices, DevOps, Kubernetes, and Containers.

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