Announcing Fixvember 2018, the month long, do it from home, Devops hackathon (In November)

Announcing Fixvember 2018, the month long, do it from home, Devops hackathon (In November)

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I’ve always loved Hacktoberfest and the idea of incentivizing people to contribute to open source. A lot of attention goes to engineers that build new features, or refactor code. These are important things BUT for the month of November, we want to focus on the contributions of DevOps.

DevOps done well makes engineers more productive and successful. Creating and automating pipelines, adding testing, or just fixing bugs can make our projects in 2019 much more successful. So this year Codefresh is launching “Fixvember,” a DevOps Hackathon. Read on to learn how you can earn a special edition t-shirt!

It’s a chance to fix all the stuff you hacked in October .

We’re bribing contributors with a free t-shirt

This amazing, limited edition, one-of-a-kind, fantabulous t-shirt can be yours. Here’s how to participate.

Step 1: Signup at

Step 2: Make 3 open source contributions that improve DevOps. This could be adding/updating a Codefresh pipeline to a repo, adding tests or validation to a repo, or just fixing bugs.

Step 3: Submit your results using your special email link

Encouraging DevOps in Open Source

The goal of Fixvember is to get people thinking about how they use DevOps best practices in all their repos. Unit tests, integration tests, security scanning, performance testing, fuzz testing, etc, etc. To make it easy, we’re providing free Codefresh accounts with:

  • 120 builds/mo
  • Private Docker registry
  • Private Helm repository
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Repos

There, you don’t have any excuse not to start bringing the Fix to November. Now get over to and start fix’in!

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