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Write a relevant blog post for Codefresh, and we’ll
donate $250 to one of the six charities below — your choice.
Plus you’ll get another $250 to keep (or, you could donate it all.) It’s a win-win.

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Direct Relief
Women Who Code
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How it works

Creating blog post

Submission process

It’s easy! Plug your information in the form below and share a link via Google Docs. Hit submit. And that's it!


Keep half, or donate it all. It’s up to you.

After your submission has been approved, we’ll give $250 to the charity of choice and give you $250. If you’d like, you can also donate your portion for a total $500 charitable donation.

Support a charity of your choice

Don’t see your favorite charity? Email us at [email protected]


should I write

We want you to write about what sparks your passion while engaging the DevOps community.

As long as it’s about a related topic/technology (CI/CD, Containers, DevOps, Kubernetes, etc) or Codefresh, bring it on! DevOps-related tutorials are usually popular with our audience. Check out our most recent blog posts for inspiration.

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Submission guidelines

All submissions must be approved by our team to ensure quality and relevancy and are subject to being modified before being published.

Each piece of content should be in a blog post format, written in English, and shared via a public or unlisted Google Doc link. The specific format of the post is up to you. We do not have strict guidelines on length or style of writing. We encourage you to be creative, well organized, and thoughtful.

Check out our past blog posts for inspiration.

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