Codefresh and Atlassian

All your builds and deployments right in your Jira ticket

Why Codefresh and Atlassian?

Codefresh and Atlassian
Know, instantly, which Jira feature was deployed to which environment

Understanding the full lifecycle of features and issues is critical for any software project.

But when you use Codefresh and Jira together, you can track your deployment environments and the features they contain.

Create and update Jira issues directly from your platform

Pass extra metadata to each Jira ticket as soon as it is processed/deployed by the respective pipeline.

Create/update your features directly from the CI/CD pipeline that affects them.

Rollback based on features instead of Git hashes

Rollback to any previous revision and understand exactly which Jira tickets will be affected.

Get a complete history of when/where each Jira ticket was deployed.

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